Comedy Zone Rules For Laughter

  • No outside food or beverages may be brought in or out of The Comedy Zone.

  • You cannot talk in a disruptive manner during the show. We will kindly give you a warning, and if disruption continues you may be asked to leave.

  • Please DO NOT heckle or comment on jokes. Be courteous to those around you and the comics on stage!

  • Obnoxious, loud, drunken and otherwise disruptive behavior WILL NOT be tolerated in the showroom. Participating in such activity may result in IMMEDIATE EJECTION without refund.

  • We have a one-item minimum purchase requirement per person inside the club.

  • Out of respect to the performers on stage and everyone seated around you ALL of the following are strictly prohibited during shows:

    • Mobile Devices including but not limited to Calls and Texts

    • Photography and recording video/audio is NOT allowed in the showroom. Please take all of your pictures before or after the show

The Comedy Zone reserves the right to refuse service to any individual.