Don "DC" Curry

May 27-30


Don "DC" Curry (born September 7, 1958) is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He is best known for starring as Craig's sex-crazed Uncle Elroy Jones in Next Friday and Friday After Next and for his role on the sitcom Grace Under Fire. Curry was also featured in The Boondocks episode, The Color Ruckus, in which he voice acts Uncle Ruckus' Caucasian-hating adoptive father. He also hosted 2013 BET's Comic View. Curry got his first start on BET's Comic View. Curry is starting to tour again.

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Cost:   Adults: $25-$30 
Overnight Package (per 2): $213.94*

* Available only on Friday and Saturday.     

May 29 -7:30pm

May 29 -10:00pm

May 30 -7:00pm