Plastic Cup Boyz

August 12-14

Will Spank Horton and Na'im Lynn are The Plastic Cup Boyz. The Plastic Cup Boyz have traveled the world supporting Kevin Hart in the world of comedy and on the party scene. This duo can be considered some of best comedy talents known today. Whether it’s performing in front of 15,000 people in an arena or having a few drinks after the show. The Plastic Cup Boyz are the Present and Future of Comedy.

Official Instagram: @plasticcupboyzcarclub

Cost:   Adults: $25
Overnight Package (per 2): $213.94*
      * Available only on Friday and Saturday. Plus taxes and fees. 




August 14 -7:30pm

August 12-7:30pm

August 13 -7:30pm

August 14 - 10:00pm