Rich Guzzi

September 30th - October 2nd

The Rich Guzzi Comedy Hypnosis Show

The Hypnotist You've See on The Artie Lange Show, BTLS, Access Hollywood  and TMZ  


Watch as Rich invites volunteers from the audience to get hypnotized on stage right before your eyes then be amazed at what happens next when he gives them suggestions to do the most outrageously funny things you can possibly imagine.   


This show is perfect for groups. Imagine seeing somebody you know on stage being the star of the night! Laugh till it hurts with this non stop roller coaster ride that will have you and your friends coming back over and over again to try it for yourself. Bring a camera because there will be photo opportunities all night long that will have you remembering this experience forever! YES….you can have PROOF of what happened on the stage that night.    EXCELLENT!!!  


If you are ready for something totally over the top, then you are coming on the right shows!  Rich will get wilder and wilder as the week goes on and the late shows are the EXTREME version. In fact we can't even write what happens during this event. Lets just say that once the subjects on stage get hypnotized it is going to get very out of control and leave it at that.  


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Your sides will hurt from laughing so hard at this event and the late shows are insanely WILD!!!  


Official web page:

Cost:   Adults: $20-$25
Overnight Package (per 2): $213.94*
      * Available only on Friday and Saturday. Plus taxes and fees. 


September 30th - 7:30 pm


October 1 - 7:30 pm

October 1 - 10:00 pm


October 2 - 7:30 pm

October 2 - 10:00 pm